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One Page Website

I made a website for a friend who wanted a place to display pictures of his welding projects, using Ruby on Rails and Knockout. This time I used Knockout to make a working lighbox instead of changing the lightbox's class from "visible" to "invisible". It was both more and less difficult.

More difficult because:
I accidentally included an outdated knockout gem which produced a few errors that I just couldn't figure out. I also didn't know about Knockout's $parent and $child bindings until after I had figured out a convoluted way of producing the same effect on my own.

Less difficult because:
Knockout's 'foreach' and 'click' bindings allowed me to easily move from image to image. I would say the overall time this took me, even with the difficulties, was less than the previous implementation of the same lightbox.

If he wants to add images my friend, the welder, can go to a secret URL. There he has the option to either upload an image from his computer or provide an image url. Lessons Learned:
1. How to use $parent and $child binding contexts in KnockoutJS
2. How to use anchors to jump to numerous points on a page
3. Improved understanding of HTML positioning and CSS features