Mary Briskin


Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Mary and I’m currently a student at the University of Waterloo (woot!). I’ve had a couple of programming internships now and am happy to say that I’ve found my calling. If you’re here hunting for interns: I have industry experience, good references, am a fast learner, and at a stage in life where becoming a better developer is my top priority – which means the more work I get done the happier I am at the end of the day!

Right now I’m working on making some simple Android applications. Hopefully I’ll have one up here soon enough :)

In the meantime you can check out my resume or some of my older projects.

And for some non-CS stuff about me…


Some of my favourite spots have been the Netherlands, Luxumburg, Sweden, and Mexico. Next I’m thinking Thailand or Japan. Maybe South America. :3

I usually keep a travelogue during my trips, if you’d care to read it. You know, it’s quite a big hit with its target audience: my mom and my future self.


My mom is an artist, so we’ve always had canvases (not the HTML kind… ha) and paint laying around the house. I’ve taken to painting when I feel stressed or am trying to get out of cleaning.


As well as English, I speak Russian and Spanish. My parents deserve the credit for my spoken Russian since they refuse to argue with me in any other language. However, I will take credit for my reading skills, as I’ve been working to improve them since an embarrasing attempt to read to my little sister put me to shame. I’ve also been learning Spanish for a year now. I finished the Duolingo course and have moved on to watching Spanish Soaps. Those are fun.

I also enjoy video editing, juggling, watching movies, babysitting my little sister, waiting in super long lines, and doing my taxes. And that’s about it! If you have any questions you can send me an email at